We cultivate successful and sustainable investments.

We cultivate successful and sustainable investments.


Our investment portfolio echoes the core of our very essence; encouraging and supporting new as well as established ventures and initiatives, ensuring long term prosperity. The investment we make within each industry is driven by a holistic, solution-oriented strategy implemented along with the communities in which we operate. Using a collaborative approach to achieve our sustainable and impactful goals of growth and prosperity within different communities, we are leveraging our network to connect with like-minded partners to establish and maintain synergistic and meaningful relationships helping society to flourish.

We choose our investments and corporate interests based on the values and vision set forth by the UAE’s leadership. Sustainability and a life-long commitment to improving society, enabling economic opportunities, and being a driving force of positive change is what set us apart in the financial and investment community.

Real Estate

Whether for work or life, a positive and clean environment is the foundation of health, wellbeing and productivity. Developing, supporting and inspiring communities within society rely on ensuring wellness, accessibility, resources, and a sense of belonging. With multi-purpose residential complexes, residents can maintain a fitness-live-work balance, enabling them to be, feel and live at their very best.

Creating spaces for young generations to build upon their creativity and entrepreneurial endeavors, we developed a residential concept that facilitates collaboration and synergy between users.


The FMCG industry is one of the largest industries in the world with demand for consumer-packaged goods continuing to grow and expand. Consumers are spoiled for choice in many categories from household items, food products, beauty and hygiene accessories, and so forth. With the rapid population expansion in the region, consumer demand for goods into the Middle East has grown exponentially over a short amount of time. The industry faces stiff competition among manufacturers and distributors and, as a result, investment in FMCG industry is also steadily increasing.


Advancing leading-edge technology and maintaining pace with global and local developments in the fields of AI and IoT is paramount to the future success and prosperity the world over. With the introduction of 5G networks, the speed of connectivity has reached a new pinnacle, which was previously unfathomable. Further advancements and breakthroughs in these fields that will have a significant impact on how we work, conduct our banking, socialize, and most importantly perhaps, how we learn, are inevitable. Contributing to the steady and rapid growth in these fields requires supporting entities that operate at the fore of these riveting industry developments.

We support two of the best-known telecom operators in the Arab Region. Grown locally in the UAE both du and Etisalat are key drivers of impactful change.


Access to financial products and services spurs the development of individuals and the growth of businesses. In the UAE, the banking sector is the most robust within the Arab World. Building our future success means safeguarding our younger generations with the savings and investments for higher education and planning for the future. The banking sector in the Arab World is versatile for its dual emphasis on conventional and Islamic financing and investment vehicles. Bridging the divide in the financial community with competitive offerings within both spaces has developed opportunities for growth throughout the world and has empowered people to find solutions to fit their lifestyle, choices, and future plans for financial success.


The hospitality sector is a vital sector in the region and an indicator of economic health. Hospitality in the region is reliable and continues to witness steady growth. Despite market fluctuations, Dubai remains one of the most attractive tourism destinations in the world and one of its most competitive markets, evolving and diversifying to cater to mid-scale, high-scale and luxury demands equally.