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The Global Grad Show is one of the most inspirational initiatives conceived and operated by Art Dubai Group. Running as a key component of Dubai Design Week, the Global Grad Show has become synonymous with youth innovation and social impact on a sizable scale. A.R.M. Holding is pledging up to AED 1 million via an annual fund created to support start-ups focused on creating social impact. The fund will invest in student projects with the key objective of encouraging the flow of top global graduate talent to Dubai to transform the Emirate into a hub for social development innovation.

Pre-emptive access to the fund will be granted to students willing to develop their projects in Dubai with the Global Grad Show facilitating interaction with partner accelerators to ensure projects find the ideal development platform and expertise in Dubai.

Global Grad Show Finalists

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Natural disasters are inevitable and can cause severe damage to agricultural crops. This, coupled with slow moving insurance companies, leaves many farmers in financial distress as they become insolvent and unable to pay their loans. In India, one farmer commits suicide every 30 minutes, to avoid ruin.

ProFind is an intelligent insurance solution designed to help alleviate the agrarian crisis for farmers everywhere. The project utilizes space technology and machine learning to make insurance claims simpler, quicker, and more reliable for both insurance providers and the insured farmers. ProFind provides regular monitoring, forecasting, assessment, and risk communication, and offers the ability to accurately assess agricultural crops in a timely manner after any natural disasters hit.

Gautam Dadhich, co-founder of ProFind, brings over six years of experience with satellite image processing to the project. Watch here as he details how the Global Grad Show Acceleration Program helped take his work to the next level.

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Safe Cooking

Nomads living in temporary accommodation make up a third of Pakistan’s population, and they mostly rely on the cheap but unsafe “wood and 3 stone” cooking method responsible for up to 100,000 injuries and 20,000 deaths every year.

Safe Cooking is a safe and cost-effective cooking method that eliminates the risk of open fire, reduces the amount of wood needed by 60%, utilizes sand as a cost-effective insulator, and provides safe ventilation to allow for cooking indoors. It is also both compact and portable.

Founder and industrial designer, Sarmad H. Jaffry, speaks passionately about Safe Cooking, and how his experience with the Global Grad Show Acceleration Program has helped his project become more than just a prototype.

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The growing demand for mobile data traffic has not been met with adequate supply. If the trend remains unchanged, the world will inevitably witness a global bandwidth shortage.

This challenge is at the heart of Singularity. In the age of over-reliance on everything digital, Singularity is designed to maintain this connection uninterrupted by assisting the telecom industry in its roll out of 5G technology and providing extremely fast data transfer rates to the consumer market. The project is a cost effective, reliable, and sustainable solution for the industry, increasing connectivity for millions of users.

Watch Yuan Ping Lim, creator of Singularity, describe his project and how his experience with the Global Grad Show Acceleration Program helped bring Singularity to life.

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With the steady increase in CO2 emissions, and global warming firmly on the rise, it is estimated that cities around the world will see a 5-degree Celsius temperature increase by 2050, an event that will further tamper with an already faltering ecosystem.

Spectrum is a thermochromic paint that changes its color based on temperature. It is designed to be applied to the roofs of buildings and reflect the heat during the warmer seasons while absorbing it in the cooler months, thereby improving energy efficiency. Spectrum is an economical passive cooling solution that allows for energy savings of over 15%. Used over an entire cityscape, it is capable of decreasing the average outdoor temperature by 3 degrees Celsius.

Watch Willy Camou, the generalist engineer on the Spectrum team, speak about this cutting-edge solution to a global problem and the invaluable support they received at the Global Grad Show Acceleration Program.

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