A.R.M. Holding Announces Recipients of the A.R.M. Fund


A.R.M. Holding announces the recipients of the A.R.M. Fund created exclusively for the Global Grad Show 2019: Spectrum and Safe Cooking.

The Global Grad Show displayed several innovative ideas in its 2019 edition, four of which were tagged for the GGS Acceleration Programme that culminated with two projects selected for seed funding through the A.R.M Fund.

Spectrum, a thermochromic paint cleverly designed to adapt based on outdoor temperatures, will revolutionize energy efficiency on the world’s path to addressing global warming.

Safe Cooking, a carefully crafted cooking apparatus, will lift the burden of dangerous cooking methods and will have a marked impact on the lives of nomads in Pakistan and across the world.

The Global Grad Show, held in partnership with A.R.M. Holding and Dubai Culture, is the largest gathering of universities dedicated to advancing solutions in the fields of environmental, social and economic development. The A.R.M. Fund is established to help participants develop their business models and ultimately go to market.

Click here for more information about the Global Grad Show and the A.R.M Holding’s sponsorship.