Global Grad Show Looks to University Students to Address COVID-19 Collateral Issues


The Global Grad Show, in partnership with the Investment Corporation of Dubai, announced an open call to its academic network for solutions to address collateral issues arising from COVID-19. The Global Grad Show open call is supported by the Cleveland Clinic in Abu Dhabi in addition to A.R.M. Holding and WAMDA and is open to the international community of designers, students, professors and universities. 

The proposals must address critical focus areas which may include: improving the efficiency of home quarantine, increasing treatment capacity and screening methods, mitigating contagious behaviours individually and within groups, and enabling collaborative disease data collection and processing  in addition to methods that enhance emergency response systems and treatment measures and potentially the development of lifesaving medical interventions. 

“Like climate change, pandemics such as COVID-19 know no borders and threaten us all. In announcing this initiative, we hope to channel the immense creativity of the world’s universities towards the challenge of COVID-19 and its various medical, economic and social dimensions. In doing so, we hope to show the world that even our gravest threats present opportunities for innovation and community,” said Brendan McGetrick, Head of Curation of the Global Grad Show and Curative Director of The Museum of the Future.

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