H Residence – Lavish Mixed Use Concept Announced By A.R.M. Holding in Dubai

Dubai, 7 November 2021: Dubai’s coveted Al Wasl Road is set to welcome H Residence, a luxury mixed-use development, announced by A.R.M. Holding. The ultra-stylish property will feature a variety of retail units, as well as two arched wings of 37 duplexes and apartments. The wings will connect via a sky bridge, boasting an infinity pool that overlooks both a stylish plaza and Dubai skyline.

The sprawling 30-metre bridge will host the building’s major recreation area, exclusively for residents, above a lush garden area. The central plaza – the heart of H Residence – is gently sloped with tall trees and elegantly shaped hedges. It will serve as a communal area for the enjoyment of residents and visitors from the surrounding Al Wasl community.

A.R.M. Holding unveiled further plans for H Residence when the project broke ground earlier this year. The Dubai-based private investment company and multi-focused economic enabler has partnered with leading architecture and design firm, Tariq Khayyat Design Partners (tkdp) to deliver the strikingly fresh concept in the UAE.

Mohammad Saeed Al Shehhi, CEO of A.R.M. Holding, said: “As an enterprise focused on enabling prosperity, A.R.M. Holding is vested in purposeful developments that invigorate the city while fostering community ties. H Residence demonstrates a true understanding of Dubai, having sourced its design and function from the needs of the emirate’s diverse communities.”

Located in the heart of Jumeirah, the two-storey development blends effortlessly with the surrounding low-rise communities of Al Wasl, while transcending Dubai’s mixed-use offerings thanks to its unique urban aesthetic.

The design of H residence incorporates sustainability elements within the architectural layout. The façade is fitted with vertical louvres (angled slats), giving the building its signature look, while creating temperature-controlled, shaded spaces that overlook the central plaza and surroundings with complete privacy.

“The sloped plaza, arched wings and the sky bridge seamlessly interact to add a new architectural layer to Dubai’s urban fabric,” said Tariq Khayyat, founder of tkdp and lead architect of H Residence.

H Residence provides a meaningful encounter between architecture, end-user and surroundings, creating a unique and memorable living experience. It re-examines the concept of community, creating a cosmopolitan village that is global in look and feel, yet local in experience and character.

The development of H Residence is being led and executed by ASGC Group, a key player and leader in the UAE’s construction industry.

“We are delighted to be working with A.R.M. Holding and all affiliated stakeholders on the development of this unique top-quality addition to Dubai’s urban landscape, which will undoubtedly deliver a world-class experience to future tenants”, said Sameh Fam, Managing Director of ASGC Group.

H residence is due to open in Q1 2023.