Real Estate

Our take on prosperity is comprehensive. We invest in tangible assets and physical building blocks that enable wellbeing and productivity, fostering vibrant communities. Our real estate portfolio bridges legacy and foresight, bringing life to large-scale residential and commercial complexes, multi-family and mixed-use developments.

Companies under the A.R.M. Holding real estate umbrella include, Dubai Real Estate Centre – founded in 1991 and responsible for some of Dubai’s most recognisable landmarks, future-focused Hive Coliv – catering for the diverse mix of young communities in Dubai with a spotlight on up-and-coming young professionals, and human-centred Huna – redefining Dubai’s neighborhoods by creating authentic urban communities which radiate community warmth, open-mindedness and sociability.

Whether for work, living or leisure, the developments carrying the A.R.M. Holding signature are dictated by the needs of their inhabitants and animated by Dubai’s soulful character, shaping the city’s identity through inspired architecture.