A.R.M. Fund for the Global Grad Show

We believe in giving youth the opportunity to define the world they want to live in, for that reason, we have dedicated the A.R.M. Fund to one of the most inspirational initiatives in the region, the Global Grad Show. GGS, conceived and operated by Art Dubai Group, is a year-round programme for university graduates to creatively develop solutions for social and environmental issues across the world.

The A.R.M. Fund was established in 2019 to provide pre-seed capital to exceptional GGS applicants that have successfully completed the Entrepreneurship Programme. In 2020, we extended our support to MENA Grad Show, the local iteration of the Global Grad Show.


Pre-emptive access to the fund will be granted to students willing to develop their projects in Dubai with the Global Grad Show facilitating interaction with partner accelerators to ensure projects find the ideal development platform and expertise in Dubai.

Global Grad Show Finalists

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The Blue Box

The Blue Box

Regular mammograms are important because they help women detect breast cancer early, but they can be expensive, painful, and expose women to radiation. According to the Catalan Department of Health, 93.55% of breast cancers diagnosed by a mammogram are inaccurate.

Blue Box is an AI-powered medical device designed to detect breast cancer early through the analysis of urine metabolites, enabling women to self-test at a low cost in the comfort of their homes. Blue Box is also radiation-free, pain-free, non-invasive, reusable, and most importantly, more accurate than mammograms with a classification rate of more than 95%.

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Agriculture consumes more than 70% of the world’s fresh water, which is set to increase exponentially due to climate change. Farmers who rely on the weather face risk to their harvest due to an increase in drought, because if the water balance in soil is not properly managed, water-sensitive crops can develop diseases. Moreover, farm water bills are becoming increasingly expensive, having doubled in the UK between 2005-2011.

Cultive is an IoT sensor and digital dashboard platform which helps water-sensitive crop farmers mitigate climate risks. It collects and synthesises data from on-field IoT sensors and weather APIs – generating data-points such as soil moisture, soil temperature, rainfall and cloud cover – which can be utilised to construct a digital water balance sheet and inform farmers about on-field water conditions constantly and remotely. Cultive enables farmers to avoid water-related issues with their crops, which translates into increased crop yield, higher quality, and lower irrigation and fertiliser bills.

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There are no locally produced, cost-effective, or sustainable alternatives to plastic, and because we are so dependent on it, the world is facing a plastic pollution crisis which is harming our wildlife and our health. Another surprising waste problem in the Middle East is the waste from date seeds. In the UAE alone, 108,247 tons of date seeds are discarded every year.

Judhur uses discarded date seeds to create biodegradable food containers, packaging solutions, date seed coffee, natural cosmetics, alternatives to wood, replacements for small plastic components, and a natural textile dye. The project creates an additional revenue stream for date farmers and helps create a sustainable circular economy that provides an alternative to plastic.Judhur uses discarded date seeds to create biodegradable food containers, packaging solutions, date seed coffee, natural cosmetics, alternatives to wood, replacements for small plastic components, and a natural textile dye. The project creates an additional revenue stream for date farmers and helps create a sustainable circular economy that provides an alternative to plastic.

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Smarter Meter

Smart Meter

People have no idea how much energy their home has consumed until their bill comes at the end of the month. They don’t know when they’ve exceeded their budget or how their consumption compares to others.

Smarter Meter is an app that measures electricity consumption and calculates the bill in real time. It alerts people when their energy consumption goes over budget and lets people know how their consumption compares to those with similar households. It also allows users to forecast their month-end bill based on their habits with more than 95% accuracy, helping to keep consumption decisions within budget month after month.

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Renewables alone are not sufficient enough to keep up with the world’s growing demand for energy. Natural gas and waste are largely needed to produce chemical products such as fuels, syngas, and hydrogen, but only when new porous nanomaterials are used as catalysts.

Solcare is a new porous catalyst that consumes less energy and is more cost-effective and stable than existing catalysts. Through the use of new porous nanomaterials, Solcare reduces greenhouse gas emissions and has the potential to create new job opportunities for chemical engineers and specialists.

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The Middle Ground

middle ground

News and political content are being consumed and shared online at an ever-increasing pace. Social media algorithms create personalised echo chambers powerful enough to destabilise democracies. It is difficult to have productive debates about controversial issues online, as well as gather and analyse sources that share different perspectives.

The Middle Ground is a platform that hosts diverse discussions using gamification tactics to incentivise users to have productive online debates. It has a news aggregator feature that examines more than 50,000 news sources across all political spectrums and streamlines information into different perspectives about a specific topic. With The Middle Ground, users can easily compare how outlets of diverse ideologies are covering news, giving them a broader understanding of all the facets of the issue at hand.

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Violet Cleaner Beauty

Violet Clelaner Beauty

After makeup products are opened, and begin to be used, they gather bacteria. This bacteria is transferred onto the user’s skin with each application, leading to skin problems. This is especially the case with expired makeup, but most people don’t think to throw their older products away, as this would not only increase makeup related waste, but be very costly for consumers. At present, British women spend an average of £482 (AED 2,415) on makeup per year.

Violet is a home device to sterilise makeup. By harnessing the power of microbial killing light wavelengths, Violet disinfects makeup and beauty products. The easy to use solution helps users make their makeup safe and clean to use on skin again, prolonging product’s shelf life while eradicating harmful bacteria.

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Natural disasters are inevitable and can cause severe damage to agricultural crops. This, coupled with slow moving insurance companies, leaves many farmers in financial distress as they become insolvent and unable to pay their loans. In India, one farmer commits suicide every 30 minutes, to avoid ruin.

ProFind is an intelligent insurance solution designed to help alleviate the agrarian crisis for farmers everywhere. The project utilizes space technology and machine learning to make insurance claims simpler, quicker, and more reliable for both insurance providers and the insured farmers. ProFind provides regular monitoring, forecasting, assessment, and risk communication, and offers the ability to accurately assess agricultural crops in a timely manner after any natural disasters hit.

Gautam Dadhich, co-founder of ProFind, brings over six years of experience with satellite image processing to the project. Watch here as he details how the Global Grad Show Acceleration Program helped take his work to the next level.

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Safe Cooking

Nomads living in temporary accommodation make up a third of Pakistan’s population, and they mostly rely on the cheap but unsafe “wood and 3 stone” cooking method responsible for up to 100,000 injuries and 20,000 deaths every year.

Safe Cooking is a safe and cost-effective cooking method that eliminates the risk of open fire, reduces the amount of wood needed by 60%, utilizes sand as a cost-effective insulator, and provides safe ventilation to allow for cooking indoors. It is also both compact and portable.

Founder and industrial designer, Sarmad H. Jaffry, speaks passionately about Safe Cooking, and how his experience with the Global Grad Show Acceleration Program has helped his project become more than just a prototype.

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The growing demand for mobile data traffic has not been met with adequate supply. If the trend remains unchanged, the world will inevitably witness a global bandwidth shortage.

This challenge is at the heart of Singularity. In the age of over-reliance on everything digital, Singularity is designed to maintain this connection uninterrupted by assisting the telecom industry in its roll out of 5G technology and providing extremely fast data transfer rates to the consumer market. The project is a cost effective, reliable, and sustainable solution for the industry, increasing connectivity for millions of users.

Watch Yuan Ping Lim, creator of Singularity, describe his project and how his experience with the Global Grad Show Acceleration Program helped bring Singularity to life.

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With the steady increase in CO2 emissions, and global warming firmly on the rise, it is estimated that cities around the world will see a 5-degree Celsius temperature increase by 2050, an event that will further tamper with an already faltering ecosystem.

Spectrum is a thermochromic paint that changes its color based on temperature. It is designed to be applied to the roofs of buildings and reflect the heat during the warmer seasons while absorbing it in the cooler months, thereby improving energy efficiency. Spectrum is an economical passive cooling solution that allows for energy savings of over 15%. Used over an entire cityscape, it is capable of decreasing the average outdoor temperature by 3 degrees Celsius.

Watch Willy Camou, the generalist engineer on the Spectrum team, speak about this cutting-edge solution to a global problem and the invaluable support they received at the Global Grad Show Acceleration Program.

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